Multi Dynamic Management

A team of experienced property experts that always have your back

Our approach to property management is about more than just smart tech. We have a dedicated team working hard behind the scenes to look after your property.

Why Multi Dynamic?

Founded by a team of experienced and equally recognised property management experts, MD Management promises to provide a unique perspective utilizing the extensive knowledge and insight of the local market. With the goal of assisting both landlords and tenants in the local community, MD Management has modelled itself as a one stop solution to all your real estate requirements.


We believe in hard work, honesty and most of all providing top notch service to our clients. Whether it’s buying, selling, renting or investing we have always left our clients satisfied.

We are property management specialists, perfecting in buying, selling, renting and proper investing.

We provide our clients with the very best service and attention by limiting the number of properties in each of our property managers.

We select and create best plans on how to make your property more accessible to interested buyers and tenants.

Save Time and Money With Us

With a team of highly experienced professionals, who know the market perfectly, our clients don’t have to worry about market research, saving both time and money. We will figure out what’s best for you. 

No room for mistakes

As you will be dealing with professional home experts their chances of error is next to nothing. MD Management offers you with over the top service paired with noir-tech and marketing strategies. Best outcome is the only outcome you’ll get.

We are nothing Without Our Client

Trust is what we thrive on. We are dynamic not just because of our name but our nature. We consider and treat our clients as family members and this relation is our secret to success. 

Reliable and Trustworthy

Experience the difference of using honest, reliable and trustworthy agents, who are dynamic by name and nature. We consider our clients family, and it’s this teamwork and togetherness which is our strength to success.

Our Mission

Happy Clients, Happy Us

Following years of research, we found out how difficult it is for private landlords to compete in the present real-estate industry. But all that changes with us.

MD Management is all about providing people with the best possible service to all our clients and we hope to accomplish that by connecting landlords, tenants and property managers. With our simple goal of removing troubles that landlords and tenants face, we have committed to revolutionize the property system once and for all. 

We now have branches and local offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, & Canberra with a team of experts who know what’s best for you.

Meet your agents

Megha Raj Poudel


No. 1 Agent 2019 in Edmondson Park
State Person of the Year – NRNA Australia
2021 Agency of the Year – Rate My Agent

Megha Raj is a very successful NSW real estate agent with over 7 years of experience. Megha has been in the real estate business since 2014 gaining experience from various real estate agencies that he worked before starting Multi Dynamic. He is a dedicated professional who puts the needs of this client first and works tirelessly to get them the best results.

Mr. Poudel says, “My philosophy and work ethic are based on loyalty, honesty, trust and respect. This is the only way that allows me to consistently deliver the quality service and outstanding results you deserve.”

You can contact Megha via:
Phone: 0403 307 754


Bishnu Sapkota

Licensee/Executive Director

2021 Agency of the Year – Rate My Agent

Bishnu has been working as a real estate agent for more than 7 years in Australia. He has an extensive knowledge of your local property market and has been a leading agent for years. With Bishnu behind your property, you can always be sure of getting the highest market price for your property. 

Mr. Sapkota is a driven individual who only settles at the best result for the property owners. With his background as a radio personality and media trainer, his property management skills are only preceded by his people skills. 

You can contact Bishnu via:
Phone: 0416 754 466

Bijay Paul

Sales Director

2021 Agency of the Year – Rate My Agent

Bijay is a determined and confident sales agent with 6+ years of experience in the real estate business. His support for both property owners and buyers/renters throughout the entire process has made him a client favorite in the South West property market.

He boasts 10+ five star ratings in Now, that’s telling something. A South West Sydney local, he has a comprehensive knowledge of the ins and outs of the local property market. The depth of knowledge Mr. Paul has acquired in his career is a testament to the strength of the MD Management team.

You can contact Bijay via:
Phone: 0431 610 803

Common questions owners ask about our team-based approach

Our agents are always at your service. If any problem arises, you can call the agent designated to you. In case you have complaints about the agent, tenants or other services, don’t hesitate to call us on 02 9618 6209 or contact us at our offices. 

We are currently based in six cities, Ingleburn, Auburn, Oran Park, Melbourne, Canberra, and Adelaide. All of our agents are familiar with the local property market.

Yes, we have offices in Ingleburn, Auburn, Oran Park, Melbourne, Canberra, and Adelaide.

Yes. All our agents have extensive knowledge of your local area and constantly stay updated with the local property market, local real estate laws and regulations.

Yes. Every single one of our property management agents hold a real estate license. In fact, a real estate license is mandatory for services like property valuation.